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What are your crystals going to do for you?
Everything possesses energy.
Electromagnetic forces hold together the atoms which make up gemstones and crystal.
Many people believe that crystals impart energies which may have a positive effect on their lives.
Listed below are what is what we believe to be the most accurate descriptions of the metaphysical properties of most common crystals.

Widely Accepted Crystal & Gemstone Properties

Agate - A grounding stone. Facilitates and improves concentration, strengthens the mind, body and spirit. Fosters love, honesty, wealth, good luck and harmony. A stone for truthfulness and courage. Can help overcome negativity, stress, bitterness, and inner anger. Has excellent protective and healing energy, harmonizes yin and yang. Sacred stone for the Native Americans. Thought to strengthen sight and reproductive organs.

Amazonite - Balances the male/female energies of one's personality. Aids self expression, allowing one to speak from the heart and to see different points of view of a problem. Enhances creativity, confidence and communications concerning love. Brings peace, joy, happiness and soothes nerves. Inspires truth, honour and integrity. Dispels aggression, sadness, grief, guilt and negative energy. Restores spiritual faith.

Amber - Transforms negative energies to positive. Sacred to Native Americans and eastern Indians bringing good luck to warriors. Promotes stability, joy, inner peace, creative self expression, patience, trust and peacefulness. Clears depression and suicidal tendencies, stress, and is said to aid the throat, bladder, stomach and kidneys. Repels spiders.

Amethyst - Stone of Spirituality and contentment. Extremely powerful and protective stone. Relieves stress and fosters selflessness, tolerance and forgiveness. Brings calm and allows one to clear and focus the over active mind. Stimulates memory and motivates one towards reaching goals. Promotes spirituality, wisdom, peace and stability. Excellent stone for insomnia and nightmares and headaches &  respiratory problems. Also used for meditation.
Ametrine - A combination of Amethyst and Citrine. A good general healer. Enhances intuition, concentration, harmony and confidence. Promotes good luck, energy, serenity, grounding, unconditional love, success and creativity. Dispels tension and prejudice. Good meditation stone. Said to boosts the metabolism & healing of the nervous system.

Apatite - Suppresses hunger and increases the metabolic rate, encourages balance and healthy eating. Increases communication, imagination, concentration, clear thinking and intuitive awareness. Stimulates thoughts and clears mental confusion. Brings focus, self acceptance and lucid dreams. Soothes headaches, back pain and arthritis.

Aquamarine - The stone of courage. Promotes tranquillity, peace, love, compassion, acceptance and tolerance. Enhances communication skills. Calms the mind and reduces stress. Clears the throat charka allowing for self expression. A good stone for sore throats thyroid problems and hay fever. Renders safe travel on water.

Aventurine - Healer of the heart, mind and soul. Promotes compassion, empathy, independence, growth, and optimism. Amplifies leadership qualities, perception, imagination and creativity. Encourages decisiveness and reduces stress. Balances the male/female energies and gives a feeling of well being. Said to bring luck, abundance and wealth, known as the gamblers stone. Said to assist with migraines and insomnia, sinus problems and allergies.

Azurite - Known as the stone of heaven. Sacred to Egyptians and Native Americans. Stimulates spiritual development and expands the mind uniting the subconscious with the conscious mind. Brings clarity and wisdom, promotes self esteem & self expression whilst stimulating the memory. Helps to understand the spoken word and to effectively communicate that knowledge. Provides control over emotions and deeper insight and alertness. Reduces depression, anger, worry and grief. Said to aid throat and liver problems, arthritis, brain and nerve activity.

Bloodstone - Green jasper dotted with bright red spots of iron oxide, is known as a hero's stone and was treasured in ancient times. Grounding and protective, it reduces irritability, impatience & aggressiveness and encourages selflessness, adaptability and strength. A stone of courage, Bloodstone is said to have been formed when drops of Christ's blood fell and stained jasper at the foot of the cross. Looked upon for detoxifying the blood, liver, kidneys and intestines. Balances iron deficiencies and brings flexibility.

Blue Lace Agate - The stone of bliss and hope. Promotes calm, peace, nurturing, tranquility and spirituality. Allows for self expression, & encourages one to speak one's mind, dispelling feelings of hurt, anger repression. Fosters unity, cleansing, harmony, protection, optimism, positive thinking. Said to aid arthritis infection, fever & digestion.

Calcite - A powerful healer and a stone of spirituality. Increases and amplifies energy, cleanses, purifies, revitalises and removes emotional blockages. Protective, calming, grounding & centering. Brings inner peace, creativity, wisdom, imagination, prosperity. Lessens fear, stress and negativity. Aids teeth, calcium deficiencies, kidneys, immune system.

Carnelian - A stone for focusing and a sense of clarity it promotes positive life choices. Enables one to trust one's self and attracts a love of life and compassion. Stimulates concentration, creativity, precision and analytical capabilities. making it an excellent career stone. Increases physical energy and motivates. Promotes acceptance and courage and protects against anger, rage, fear & envy. Said to stimulate fertility and the metabolism, assist with arthritis, depression.

Chalcedony - Brings harmony to the mind, body and spirit. Clears negative energy and hostility, bringing generosity and joy. Sacred stone of the Native Americans promoting brotherhood and good will. Good stone for group work. Said to aid maternal instincts, lactation, dementia, and increase physical energy, endurance and beauty.

Charoite - Stone of transformation it aids coping with change. Stimulates spontaneity, spirituality, and unconditional love. Enhances relaxation, reenergizes the body and encourages a sense of humanity. Reduces fears, stress and obsessions, Said to regulate blood pressure and aid the heart, liver, insomnia and autism.

Chrysoprase - Promotes love, truth and hope. Encourages creativity, fidelity, forgiveness and compassion. A variety of quartz, it helps one become non-judgmental and prevents speaking out of anger. Assists in accepting others and one's self and promotes alertness. Can reduce superiority or inferiority complexes. Said to help with mental illness, gout, fertility, skin disorders and heart problems and to act as an anti-depressant. Said to prevent nightmares.

Citrine - The stone of success, wealth and abundance. Brings joy, happiness light heartedness, and optimism. Increases self esteem and a positive attitude, enhances creativity, individuality, mental clarity and willpower. Good stone for family issues. One of only two stones which do not hold any negativity. Assists in acquiring and sharing wealth whilst still maintaining what you have. Said to reduce depression and assist with menopause.

Clear Quartz - One of the Earth's most common crystals. Known as the most powerful healer. An amplifier and energizer, it amplifies the energies of other stones. Used for meditation, spiritual development, focusing and healing, it brings the body and mind into balance and harmony. Brings wisdom and emotional stability. Said to help recall forgotten memories, amplify prayers and stimulate the immune system.

Dalmation Jasper - Promotes patience and loyalty to partners. Dispels negative thinking, depression, and nightmares, allows one to see a brighter future. A good stone for athletes enhancing stamina and determination.

Emerald - Stone of hope, prosperity, riches, and successful love. Possesses strong healing qualities and tends to emotional needs, enhancing memory and enabling one to see all surrounding beauty. Provides for domestic bliss and brings security in love. Instills sensitivity, truth and loyalty in one's self and in others. Encourages spiritual growth, friendship, clarity, justice and tranquility. Said to aid in detoxifying the body, sinuses, eyesight, strengthening the immune system and is an excellent general healer. Many kinds of physical healing have been attributed to Emerald.

Fluorite - Brings order to chaos. Cleanses and dispels negative energy and brings structure into ones life. Promotes self-confidence and free spirit. A highly effective brain stone, making it excellent for students, aiding concentration, helping absorption of information and enabling quick thinking. Helps remain unbiased when making decisions and helps one to see the truth. Said to aid arthritis, skin disorders, teeth & bones, and to repel colds, flu and viral infections.

Garnet - Stone of commitment, love and devotion, it inspires mutual attraction, increases vitality and stamina and brings spirituality to relationships and friendships. It promotes new beginnings, purifies and balances energy, repels negativity and eliminates taboos. Carried by ancient soldiers for protection, it encourages imagination, self confidence and provides courage, strength and hope in crisis. Considered a good luck stone, it assists with success in one's career. Said to accelerate wound healing, increase fertility and stimulate the metabolism.

Goldstone - Man made stone. Copper salts and glass are smelted in a furnace until crystalline copper is formed.

Hematite - A stone of the mind, it provides grounding, concentration and focus. Aids memory and problem solving, original thinking and technical knowledge. Harmonizes the mind, body, spirit and strengthens self esteem, willpower and confidence. Inspiring courage and strength, it assists in overcoming addictions and over indulgence. Can be good for legal issues and mathematic students. Thought to help with cleansing the blood, anxiety, insomnia, leg cramps and oxygen supply to the body.

Howlite - Eliminates rage, anger, frustration and selfishness. Strengthens patience, memory, imagination and positive character traits. Calms the over active mind and assists in spiritual insights, artistic creativity and emotional expression. Discourages rudeness and dispels criticism. Said to help with insomnia and be good for the teeth and bones.

- Leads to inner knowledge and guides to higher awareness, simplicity and peace. Stimulates Intuition, inner strength, confidence and leadership qualities. Good for conflict resolution, debt management & enhances dreaming.
Helps to release the causes of addictions and said to assist with weight loss, sinuses and respiratory ailments.

Jade - Known as the 'dream stone' and the 'stone of fidelity', it increases love and compassion. The ultimate stone of calm, serenity, balance and healing, it is said to be a symbol of wisdom gathered in tranquility. Brings good luck, friendship, self sufficiency, and improves memory of dreams. A stone of longevity it is reputed for its life extending powers. Said to aid kidney function, childbirth and reaction times and enhance fertility, eyesight & sexual performance.

Jasper - Known as the 'supreme nurturer' it promotes caring for oneself and others, supportive through times of stress. Protects against negativity and a good stone for one who is shy or timid but in need of change. Considered a warriors stone, it aids assertiveness, courage, loyalty, quick thinking and imagination. A stone of protection and grounding it balances yin and yang. Said to aid the kidneys, influenza, and diseases of the sexual organs.

Jet - Formed from fossilized coal. Stone of protection, guarding against illness and violence. Aids spiritual journeying and taking control of one's life. Said to ease depression, mood swings, aid migraines, epilepsy and menstrual cramps.

Kunzite - Spiritual stone promoting peace, universal love, humility and enhances expression of self worth & self love. Encourages romantic love. creativity, trust, innocence and relaxation. Dissolves negativity, depression, heartache and panic attacks. Said to be good for epilepsy, the immune system and psychiatric disorders.

Labradorite - Promotes clarity of thought, stimulates imagination and calms an overactive mind. Encourages trust and faith in one's self, help one to combine intellectual thought, intuition and psychic gifts to help reveal your spiritual destiny. Offers strength and perspective when going through change. Said to assist in weight loss as it balances and regulates metabolism and also helps with eyes, brain, and menstrual tension.
Lapis Lazuli - 'Stone of total awareness' it stimulates personal and spiritual power. Also a stone of wisdom, truth, friendship, compassion, honesty and self expression. Used by the ancient Egyptians, it is a protective stone which brings harmony to relationships. Said to aid migraine headaches, insomnia, depression, vertigo and throat disorders.

Lepidolite - Stone of serenity, peace, deep relaxation and tranquillity. Brings calm, patience, trust, optimism, acceptance and awareness. Reduces stress, anxiety, depression, anger, grief, fear and negativity. Balances emotions and calms nerves. Helps with insomnia, concentration, objectivity, exhaustion, addictions, change and career success. Aids nightmares and insomnia and unifies the heart and mind. Aids glands, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause.

Malachite - Promotes unconditional love and enhances friendships, intuition, dreams and spiritual guidance. A stone of transformation, it assists one in being comfortable in changing situations. Promotes willpower, adventure, sexuality, determination, and can help with shyness and taking responsibility for one's actions. Protective stone in the field of aviation. Said to aid in childbirth, cramps, asthma, arthritis, diabetes and travel sickness.

Mangano Calcite - Stone of forgiveness, it releases the hurt of the heart from the past and brings unconditional love. Encourages self love and acceptance and clears tension and anxiety. Said to help with nightmares, and sufferers of trauma and assault.

Mookaite - Australian jasper. The stone of "here and now". Brings acceptance of change, compassion, strength and emotional protection. Aids with bereavement, loneliness, self esteem, clarity, genetic memory and finding employment. Possesses anti ageing properties for both the mind and body and brings a young at heart attitude. Encourages decision making, versatility, a desire for new experiences and moving forward in life. Brings self esteem, grounding and soothing. Aids with pregnancy, circulation, the immune system, the digestive system and purifying the blood.

Moonstone - A stone of new beginnings and emotional balance, it relieves stress & old emotional wounds. Promotes empathy, intuition and acceptance of psychic gifts. A female power stone for hoping and wishing and provides protection while traveling. Said to aid PMS, conception, pregnancy and childbirth and to regulate the menstrual cycle.

Moss Agate - Stone of Mother Earth. Promotes self expression, self esteem new beginnings, positive personality traits and wealth. Lessens fear, stress, and brings about hope and trust. Provides tolerance and refreshes the soul. Hanging moss agate in your garden is said to encourage brighter flowers and bring more fruitful vegetable crops. Said to be an anti-inflammatory, to boost the immune system and to be beneficial for midwives, ensuring a smooth delivery.

Mother Of Pearl - Provides peaceful healing energy from the sea. Soothes emotions, sensitivity and stress. Assists relaxation, imagination and adaptability. A protective stone, particularly for children. Said to purify environments.

Obsidian - Volcanic glass. Stone of truth and spiritual protection, and purity and balance of the mind and spirit. A grounding stone, it allows the finding of the truth within one's self.  Dissolves fear, pain and tension and clears negative energy and emotional blockages. Promotes growth and desires to seek new horizons. Thought to be good for arthritis, blood circulation, cramps and wound healing.

Onyx - The stone of self control. A grounding stone, it promotes self mastery and balances the yin and yang energies within the body, repelling negative energy. Promotes personal strength, vigour, stamina & self confidence. Stimulates decision making and logic and banishes grief. Said to aid blood disorders, teeth, bones, feet, and sharpen hearing.

Peridot - A rejuvenation stone that clears away feelings of guilt, jealousy, anger, spite and stress. Fosters emotional balance, independence and forgiveness. Promotes growth, assertiveness and taking responsibility for one's life. Said to aid heart, lungs, ulcers and the eyes and to be good for relieving nightmares.

Prehnite - Stone of dreaming and remembering. Promotes harmony with nature. Helps unclutter love and is a good meditation stone. Encourages analytical thinking, dispels unpleasant memories and phobias. Alleviates nightmares and deep fears. Said to aid bladder, kidneys, chest, lungs, toxin removal, and stimulates the metabolism.

Pyrite - A protective and grounding stone, it shields against negativity and strengthens one's will and memory. Brings intellect and emotional wellbeing, and allows one to see through facades. Useful for those in dangerous work. Promotes clarity, self relaxation and eases confusion. Said to aid digestion and improve circulation and brain function.

Rhodochrosite - Represents selfless love and compassion. A stone of love and balance, it promotes positive and enthusiastic attitudes, creativity, passion and truthfulness to yourself and others. Brings out the child within. Said to aid respiratory problems, migraines and skin conditions.

Rhodonite - Attracts love in many different forms, encourages brotherhood of humanity, forgiveness and confidence. Reduces emotional imbalance, anxiety, resentment, anger, revenge and self destruction. Strengthens friendships and promotes serenity and self love and brings love and passion into action. Balances the yin and the yang energies. Said to aid fertility, bone growth, healing the heart and arthritis and lessens scars.

Rhyolite - A stone of resolution and perseverance. Assists with change, communication, meditation, creativity and balances the yin/yang. Brings protection, insight, strength, hope, renewal, balance, concentration and peace. Increases stamina, self acceptance, clarity and objectivity. Lessens depression, grief and procrastination. Detoxifies and invigorates the body and assists with overeating, smoking and drinking. Aids with liver cleansing, diabetes, colds & flu.

Rose Quartz - Stone of 'unconditional love and peace'. Imparts self love and brings unconditional love, harmony and trust to relationships. Promotes empathy, acceptance, self worth, self forgiveness, and peace. Soothes heartache, loss, resentment and fear. Enhances imagination, confidence and creativity and promotes angelic dreams and kindness. Said to aid depression, chest, eye, ear  and lung problems, encourage a beautiful complexion and increase fertility.

Rutilated Quartz - Promotes spiritual growth and forgiveness. Dispels fears. phobias, anxiety, depression and dark moods. Enhances problem solving and inspiration. Said to be good for impotence, infertility and respiratory problems.

Selenite - Brings clarity of mind, and access to the angelic consciousness and spiritual origins. Excellent for meditation, telepathic and spiritual work. Brings intense energy for the upper charkas. Used to access past lives and probable future lives. Promotes mental clarity, decision making, harmony, honesty, inner peace, love, angelic protection, negativity, depression, fertility, forgiveness, intuition, peace, prosperity. Good for the skeleton, spine and epilepsy.

Smokey Quartz - A grounding stone. Encourages a positive attitude, concentration, tolerance, pride and calmness. Aids co-operation, dealing with anger and resentment and transforms negative energy. Helps one make wise purchases, relieves stress, fear and depression. Purported to help accept sexuality and relieve suicidal tendencies. Said to help with headaches, reproductive system and strengthens the back.

Sodalite - Encourages truthfulness to yourself and standing up for what you believe. Best stone for eliminating fear and guilt. Fosters knowledge, self esteem, acceptance, companionship and trust and aids one to verbalize feelings, making it an excellent for use with groups. Provides balance of head and heart, clears up mental confusion and reestablishes inner peace. Can help with insomnia, calcium deficiencies, and balances the metabolism.

Sunstone - Stone of the Sun God bringing life and abundance to those around it in Ancient Greece. Bringer of light, joy and energy, promoting vitality, independence, enthusiasm, self-worth, optimism, leadership, and confidence. Clears feelings of failure and dark moods. Stimulates self-healing powers and assists in healing emotional scars left by others. Said to aid sore throats and ulcers and cartilage problems.

Tiger Eye - A stone of self discipline and grounding. Promotes clarity, practicality, self esteem, creativity, optimism and communication. Protective and helpful in resolving conflicts and reaching one's goals, and dealing with difficult periods in one's life. Said to aid broken bones, throat, asthma, eyes, reproductive organs, digestion and pain management.

Topaz - Stone of true love and success in all endeavors. Enhances openness, inner wisdom, self control, creativity & individuality. Promotes good health, generosity and feelings of peace and joy. Encourages fidelity and the arts. Helps change unwanted, unloving behavior patterns and enhance relaxation. Said to aid anorexia, digestion & liver disorders.

Tourmaline - Promotes self confidence, compassion, friendship, tolerance, caring and inner truth & peace. Combines spirit, soul, intellect and body into one harmonious whole. Lessens fear and protects against negativity and dark energies. Combats paranoia and dyslexia and helps identify problems in one's life. Encourages growth in the garden. Said to aid the nervous system, bladder, intestines and arthritis.

Turquoise - Promotes wisdom, trust, kindness and independence. A truth stone, it incites honesty with one's self. Enhances spiritual development, self realization and stimulates romantic love. Provides peace of mind, loyalty, creativity, good luck. Honored by Native Americans, they believed that turquoise allowed the mind to be at one with the universe. A good stone for meditation, it is said to aid in healing the whole body dispelling negative energy. Said to relax cramps and aid anorexia.

Turquenite - Howlite dyed blue to resemble Turquoise. Often falsely sold as Turquoise. Same properties as Howlite.

Unakite - Balances the mind, body and spirit, stimulates psychic vision. Releases conditions that have been inhibiting one's growth. Allows one to release past burdens and to move on. Said to aid reproductive system, healthy pregnancies and weight gain.

Disclaimer : The information provided here has been compiled from extensive research and various sources. The mystical and healing properties described are derived from legends and lore and from some of the most commonly acknowledged beliefs of the various stones. Some are historical or traditional uses, others originate from new age therapies. No claims are made as to the abilities of the stones to perform the described functions or to assist with medical complaints and should not be used in place of medical advice from a doctor. The reputed gemstone qualities should be viewed in a light hearted, fun way - as a source of inspiration and reference and to add interest to the beauty of the stones and crystals.

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